Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Seashell Beats: The Sound of Your Summer

With summer in full swing, Seashell has come together with Egypt's top DJs and producers to create exclusive beach beats for their special SoundCloud page and app.

Staff Writer

Imagine this. You're driving to Sahel for another weekend in the sun and the radio cuts out somewhere halfway on the route. It's time to fetch the AUX and the usual argument about who chooses the music erupts. But - aha! - you have the Seashell Beats app so you quickly grab the cable, choose any one of the 15 DJs the property developers have on board and voila; your summer set is blasting out the speakers.

Now, lather, rinse, repeat - whether you're on the beach, on the way to a party, throwing your own little after party or making the endless drive back to Cairo, the Seashell Beats app and corresponding SoundCloud page have tapped the best of the country's electronic music talent to each create an exclusive set, inspired by the upcoming development's lifestyle and location - Seashell is set to be THE hottest compound on the North Coast. From N Tahawy and ToyBoys, to Sebzz and Hisham Zahran, there's set for every pair of ears.

Available on both iOS and Android, the app also lets you check out the development and its progress, putting you directly in touch with the developers and even gives you a map, explaining where it will stand. If you're not an app kind of person, you can still access the exclusive music through Seashell Beats SoundCloud account.

Find out more about Seashell Beats on their Facebook page here.