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Seko Seko: Egypt's First Magazine All About Sex

Let's talk about sex, baby! Let's talk about you and me! We all need a little brushing up on our sexual knowledge, don't we?

What do you know about the term seko seko? It generally refers to sexual innuendo – it's the Egyptian equivalent of "bow chika wow wow," if you will. So, naturally, in our daily distractions through the Internet, we were bound to stumble upon the Facebook page 'Seko Seko', which belongs to an online magazine of the same name, dedicated to sexual knowledge and culture. We're not telling you the keywords we used to find it, though.The magazine publishes articles in Arabic, with the main website's heading reading "Seko Seko... Your sex life in a new light." The articles range from the oldest sex trends to the most recent, and are divided under a slew of different yet staple categories.

The Positions Encyclopedia offers a range of information on sexual positions, including explanations of 'the Nirvana', 'the dolphin', and 'the butterfly' positions, among your everyday classics of 'missionary,' and 'doggy style'. Very informative stuff, we're telling you. Another category has quizzes that help you determine the position best suited for you, and then there's the Horoscopes and Sex category, which has us on a whole other level of believing in astrology.

Obviously, no page about sex can go without having a Love and Relationships section, followed by a much-needed Q&A/FAQ category, and of course an advise section on how to be a Sex Expert. For good measure, there's also 'Your Sexual Health' section to follow up and stay safe in all your freaky-deeky activities.Finally, the website includes tons of visuals that illustrate exactly what the article is all about, like the one about exercising while having sex on a rubber ball, their eight innovative ways to have sex on a couch, and their beginners' guide to having rough but painless sex. Similar to the website's Art and Sex category, the Facebook page gave us all a good laugh, so did looking through all the lowkey sexual comments and innuendos made in Egyptian cinema through GIFs.

We're guessing a lot of Egyptians may be browsing through the website as we speak, as sexual education in Egyptian schools is borderline nonexistent, and sexual culture tends to go unspoken as it's viewed as controversial and taboo.

Bow chika wow wow over here, but not in front of your boss.