Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Serious Steaks

For once, we woke up in the morning NOT feeling like P. Diddy. It was great. We DID, however, have a terrible hunger in our bellies. We were famished – not poor Somalian emaciated child famished – but definitely peckish.

Staff Writer

Serious Steaks

We were in the mood for a  premium-cut steak in chic yet casual surroundings with affordable prices. We wanted to choose our cut, sauce and preparation. What were we to do? We had been ransacking Cairo searching for such a place. Then we stumbled upon something life changing. Steak Corner!

With massive portions and awesome prices (think 70LE for a premium cut, sauce and sides), Steak Corner is taking it easy on our wallets.  Which is good because we’re broke after purchasing several 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4s last night.
The steaks were perfectly grilled and the chefs can actually distinguish between a rare and a medium which was a godsend. If you don’t fancy a steak, there’s a whole bunch of other options like the Grilled Chicken with chili sauce that’ll put some spice in your life and tons of salads, soups and seafood dishes for all of you who are pretending to be calorie conscious.
Plus their desserts are pretty orgasmic. We actually had to be excused from the table while devouring their Chocolate Fondant because we were making inappropriate noises.

So the CairoScene tip of the day is: check out Steak Corner –  it’s awesome plus the restaurant is so pretty it works for everything from families, business meetings, romantic dates and anything in between. However, anyone who possesses five or more limbs will be asked to leave the restaurant immediately. Sorry we don’t make the rules…

Steak Corner: 45 Michele Bakhoum Street, Dokki, Cairo. Tel: 0111 644 411
Check out Steak Corner’s massive menu on their Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter @SteakCorner