Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Seriously Sun Kissed

Tamarai Sokhna's first party of the season sounds so good, it must be a dream...

Staff Writer

Fast forward 10 days from now: You wake up groggy on a Thursday morning, ruing the fact that you have work. You walk into the office, it’s empty, and you think you’re early. You call a colleague; he tells you it’s a national holiday, you idiot. Suddenly the world feels happier, the sun shines brightly through the window, the birds are tweeting and your day is completely free. What to do? What to do? You check the calendar. There seems to be Tamarai party in Ain Sokhna. Hooorah! You put on your swimming trunks, pack your bag with condoms you know you’ll never use and head out to arrive before sunset. The scene is like a music video. A full crowd of beautifully preened women and too cool for school guys are all dancing away in the middle of the sea to the incandescent beats of Tamarai resident DJ Lyon, joined by DJ Trix from Lebanon. You settle down with some friends at a table as Adham Roushdy and Sherif Watson give you a live performance of all those songs that make you want to grab the nearest girl and spin here right into your arms. It’s getting late and you’re feeling a bit peckish. Oh, what’s this? A barbeque in Tamarai. Your favourite two things in the world: beef and Tamarai! You wash down another burger with a pitcher of sangria and decide to call it a night. Lucky you: you don’t have to drive all the way back as Stella De Mare has a special deal on for partygoers. 760 LE per night with a minimum two night stay? Perfect.

Then… you wake up.

It’s Thursday morning again! It was all a dream! You have work!

Shit, you wake up again. You dreamed about dreaming. It’s actually Friday morning and you’re in bed at Stella de Mare with Tamarai dancers sprawled on your bed. Someone knocks at the door. It’s a free breakfast courtesy of the hotel because you are just such a handsome man… That’s SUN KISSED.