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Shady Ezz: The Cure for Everything

Shady Ezz will be celebrating one year at Cairo Jazz Club next Monday 18th August with some of his signature House beats. We take a trip down memory lane with a very special soundtrack...

Shady Ezz's Progressive House mixes have been lighting up Cairo Jazz Club for more than twelve calendar months now, and unlike most Egyptian marriages, this one still gets our hearts beating and fists pumping. Why would you fist pump through an Egyptian marriage? Well, maybe if you went to Cairo Jazz Club when Shady Ezz was playing and did just that you would still be together instead of crying yourself asleep to The Cure. In conclusion, Shady Ezz playing at Cairo Jazz Club makes you happy, The Cure makes you suicidal. Here's a walk down memory lane of Shady Ezz playing at Cairo Jazz Club, to the soundtrack of The Cure's Boys Don't Cry...

Dance Riot ft. Shady Ezz & Ouzo @ CJC- 10/2/2014

Shady Ezz & Ouzo - 9/9/2013 
Shady Ezz & Rae 19/5/2015
Ezz & Ouzo 9/9/2013

Awww, all these memories almost brings a tear to our eyes. Now, Shady Ezz will be celebrating one year of spinning at CJC next Monday, August 18th, along with Prog House hero DJ Ouzo. Now we're not sure exactly what to expect but we are almost positive that Shady Ezz will still be wearing a blue v-neck t-shirt as well as bringing the same killer House beats we've come to know and love from him. In the meantime here's a Shady Ezz set from a gig at Alchemy to listen to, whilst you stare at this GIF of The Cure dancing to it.

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