Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Sheikh: Brazil Beaten By Bare Bodies

A Saudi cleric says that the football favourites were defeated because they just weren't pious enough.

Staff Writer

A Saudi cleric claims that Brazil's crumbling defeat against Germany was God's will because the South American's are just too damn sexy. Conservative scholar Sheikh Saad al-Duraihim that the World Cup host had lost the match because they “presented the World Cup on bare stomachs and naked bodies.”

However, the post was ridiculed by many social media users on Twitter, with one user sarcastically replying that Germany had won because they were “busy praying Taraweeh.”

Brazil’s 7-1 hammering by Germany in the World Cup semi-final received over 35.6 million total tweets during the telecast of the match, making it the most-discussed sports event on the social network, according to Twitter.

Brazilian newspapers and websites were unanimous on Tuesday that the match’s result was the greatest shame in the country's illustrious footballing history. Brazil's players were today licking their wounds following a humiliating defeat.

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari apologised to fans for failing to lead the host to the World Cup final, saying the "catastrophic" defeat to Germany on Tuesday marked the "worst day" of his professional life. "I have to apologise for the negative result, for not being able to reach the final as we all wanted," Scolari said, speaking after the humiliating 7-1 loss.