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Shisha Smokers Cause London Traffic Meltdown

Two Arab men caused a huge uproar by smoking a shisha in the middle of a road in upscale Knighstridge, London.

Two shisha smokers brought some Arabian flavour to the streets of London when they caused traffic chaos by smoking shisha in the middle of the road.

The picture, showing two men smoking a shisha in the middle of the street, was snapped near London's famous Harrod's store - formerly owned by Egyptian tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Traffic tailbacks stretched across the Knightsbridge area and police were eventually called in an effort to move the shisha-loving Arabs to a safer smoking spot.

The phenomenon is thought to have spiralled in recent months, as many Arabs visit London for their summer vacation and refuse to leave their hookah at home.

London plays host to thousands of Arabs each summer as many Middle East residents go in search of a cooler climate.