Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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New App Lets You Rate & Locate Shishas in Cairo

Developed by The Planet, Shisha Square plans to become a comprehensive guide on hookah smoking on Cairo, using user generated reviews to determine the best and the worst of them.

Staff Writer

Once upon a time there was FourSquare (or maybe there still is – does anyone still use it?) but now, some clever little Egyptians have taking locating things to the next – and more important – level with Shisha Square! Because in this nation of humans with a serious hookah habit, how will you live without being able to pinpoint where the best shishas are? HOW?

The app, conceived by Moustafa Afifiy and developed by Omar Youssef, capitalises on the constant shisha cravings Cairenes have by allowing users to accurately located, rate and review every shisha in the city. Because restaurant reviews are like, sooo 2000 and late. This way people can use the app to find the best shishas in every part of town. The app aims to ensure, that you, as a free Egyptian citizen entitled to your basic rights, “ewsal le2a7san shisha fel 7etta mn 3'air laff wala dawaran” and without being charged extortionate prices for one of our national treasures: “Shisha Square haygebelak mn el a5er 3alashan tezabat el dema3' mn 3'air mate7ra2 el 2ersh.” So that at least you’re destroying your lungs on shisha that is WORTH IT, GODDAMIT. 

You can download the app here.