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Shopping for Art

Dandy Mega Mall has come over all cultured, giving you a chance to get your hands on some unique works of art while you shop, all for a good cause.

Dandy Mall is doing art... For a cause. The megamall complex is hosting an expansive art gallery, curated by Dr. Hossam Badrawy and established artist Hussein Fahmy, under the title "Ostraka International Gallery". The exhibition has got together over 120 art pieces to be put on display, with 30% of the proceeds going to the national fund to support Egypt, the 306306 bank account. It's an amazing initiative that combines art and helping the country get back on its feet and it's definitely worth a visit! Who said shopping was just for bimbos?

Find out more about all the Ramadan festivities at Dandy Mega Mall on their Facebook page here and follow @DandyMegaMall on Twitter.