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Shots Galore at After Eight's Halloween Party This Weekend

Costume contests and free shots? 'Tis the most wonderful time of the year...

After Eight seems to have gotten a bit too familiar with the insanity of this Cairene clan and how scary we can get after dark. This has given them total authority to throw the kind of Halloween party we'd definitely go to. All they're asking is that you show up in a costume, get some alcohol in your system, and get your treat on. There will be DJ MoroViTcH who will be bringing the house down (somewhat literally) with house music resonating across the dance floor, and DJ Tommy who we hear has prepared us a Halloween mix to get our booties shaking – according to our costumes, of course.

Now that the technicalities are out of the way, we should tell you why you should REALLY be excited. A lot of us are lowkey freaks who like to dress up (in the bedroom or for Halloween, we ain't judging), but this time we can actually show it off and actually be appreciated – rather than blackmailed – for it! The costume contest will conclude with two winners, one female and male, who will each get a 500 EGP voucher. And we can't forget that the best reward in life for being charmingly terrifying is, well, free alcohol – so, winners get free shots!

We don't care if October 31st is a Monday, we're all going to be dressing up after work in the bathroom and heading off to After Eight.

For reservations, call 01003398000 or visit the event page.