Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Sing with Johnny

Johnny's at Le Pacha 1901 West is reviving its legendary karaoke nights starting this evening.

Staff Writer

As of late, nightlife in this country has almost been non-existent since the establishment of the curfew. Now that the curfew has been relaxed, many are coming out of their summer hibernation, and looking to make up for lost time.

This summer, Cairenes have had to settle with spending hours singing in their car in the daily traffic in order to satisfy their karaoke addiction. The good news is that all that practice will not go to waste. Thankfully, the infamous Johnny's is relaunching their amazingly fun Tuesday karaoke nights to the rejoice of the vocally inclined. Johnny's is so widely considered to be the best bar to belt your favourite tunes at that the Zamalek branch just couldn’t contain it. The equally exquisite Pacha 1901 West Johnny’s is getting in on the action starting tonight and every Tuesday and, aside from having the best selection of drinks in town, Johnny's well-designed open space that’d make anyone feel like a star. So warm up your diaphragm, keep a tune in mind and shine at Johnny's TONIGHT!

For more information on Le Pacha 1901 West, visit their Facebook fanpage here and follow @LePachaWest on Twitter.