Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Siwa Residents Will Be Getting New Deep Water Wells

To help give Siwa residents access to a sustainable source of drinking water, Egypt is looking to make two deep water wells that are about 1,200 metres deep each.

Cairo Scene

The Egyptian government is looking to dig deep water wells for the village of Malol at the Siwa Oasis, in an effort to bring its residents sustainable and sufficient access to drinking water. To help bring this goal to light, the authorities have commissioned Zhongman Petroleum and Gas Group (ZPEC), a Chinese drilling company, to carry out the bulk of the work.


Siwa, neighbouring the Libyan border, remains one of  if not the most remote and inaccessible desert oases in Egypt. The town currently depends heavily on underground water, as their wells generally only go so far, reaching just 300 to 400 metres deep and offering extremely salty water. The Egyptian authorities chose to stop drilling these shallow wells, and tapped ZPEC to penetrate two deep water wells that are about 1,200 metres deep instead.


One of these wells has been drilled to a depth of over 400 metres so far, with 28 workers manning it in two shifts around the clock.