Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Sizzling Sahel Summers with The Lemon Tree & Co

Hitting the beach at two locations again this year, The Lemon Tree & Co is set to dominate the North Coast with a slew of events and their signature vibes...

Staff Writer

Last year, The Lemon Tree & Co. launched in Sahel with a unique concept that ensured they were the name on everyone’s lips. The two separate spots, the beachside frolics, the shows, the extravagance, the dining, the sheer entertainment; they upped the ante and changed the game with their singular take on Sahel nightlife. Now, come time to head to the coast once more, the spot is back, and in signature style, is ensuring that they put their distinctive stamp on everything they do. And they’re really doing it up this summer.  

Their Telal beach bar is back – except this time it’s bigger. Like, quite literally; there was such a high demand on the boho beach spot last year that this time around they’re replicating the cool summertime vibes, chillaxed tunes, and kaleidoscopic cocktails but there’s more space to fit all those tanned beautiful people that flounce around in swimsuits all day.

For the Marassi side of things, which are more nocturnal and more decadent, they’ve got two themes set for this season. Their Make Love Not War nights fit right into their endlessly bohemian identity with the whole hippie-flower-child-on-a-bicycle-with-a-straw-basket-filled-with-daisies-just-because. They’re going to be bringing back the swinging 60s and when Lemon Tree is involved, you know the theme is going to be an all-out encapsulation of the era and everything it represents. Secondly, they’re recreating last year’s memorable A Summer of Gold evenings; expect lavish and inventive culinary creations and a visual feast for the eyes with extravagant shows while you dine.

And this year they’re adding an extra element with their Lemon Tree Boutique, which will be set up at both venues and will feature a myriad of local brands such as Queen Inc, Norine Farah and more, as well as some specially made Lemon Tree retail items. Word on the street is they’ve tapped an artist to come and create custom artworks on items that you actually bring from home! If you’ve got a boring handbag you think needs an artsy touch, bring it and Aiyana's Loft will work their magic. They’ve also got ready-made Lemon Tree goodies that she’s already adorned like teacups. Because of course the Lemon Tree would have teacups. A-dorbs.

Given what we know about The Lemon Tree and their stellar track record, you’re in for a flawless summer with them. Plus they’re also giving out CDs of their podcasts that have been mixed exclusive by Ibiza’s Alex Kentucky. Coz they’re cute like that.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thelemontreeandco