Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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So Satisfied at the Sofitel

Our very own Karim Rahman went over to Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah for iftar, and he's been gushing about it ever since...

Staff Writer

A lot of people tend to forget that even though Cairo is a very big, very scary and very ugly city, it has one picturesque landmark that we tend to overlook: the Nile. Of all the places and all the hotels in Cairo, few of them actually capitalise on that gorgeous mass of water. Which is why when I went for iftar at Sofitel El Gezirah, the setting literally took my breath away.

A circular tower situated right smack in the middle of the Nile, I could see a panoramic view of the river from every single place in the picturesque hotel. Complete with its own garden walkway, I could easily imagine that I was out of the loud, jarring reality of the city. I made my way over to Le Deck, an intimate wooden platform jutting out on the Nile, so it felt like I was having iftar on a cruise and not at a posh hotel. The weather was perfect, and it wasn't hard to start imagining that Sofitel had somehow orchestrated the meteorological perfection.

When it was time for the food, though, that's when my mind was blown away. Starting off the delectable course with a moutwatering soup, I indulged myself in amazing mezzes and freshly baked bread that were nothing short of a taste bud explosion. The main course did not disappoint, either; a sizzling hot plate of mixed grill was promptly served, courtesy of El Kebabgy, and that was definitely the highlight of my meal. Cooked to perfection, the meat was perfectly seasoned and the kebab had the right amount of stretch to it. The fattah, however, was probably unnecessary, but it was nice to have the option. 

As the sky gradually turned darker, we made our way to Le Palmeraieunder the watchful eye of a gorgeous super moon, and enjoyed some nice, crisp tea and some shisha. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I went home with a satisfied stomach, the gorgeous view had somewhat cleansed my eyesight as well, and I was definitely refreshed after a night by the Nile air.

Find out more about Sofitel El Gezirah's Ramadan festivities on their Facebook page here and follow @SofitelCairoEG