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Sohour On Demand? Of Course It's Zooba and Uber

The latest yummy shenanigans this Ramadan? Uber's delivering Zooba sohour to your doorstep. We're über excited. And hungry.

Days in Ramadan sure fly fast. It felt like just yesterday the holy month started, but hey, we're loving it because all the best venues and businesses in Egypt are literally competing at this point to 'wow' us during Iftar and suhour. The latest are Uber and Zooba, who are joining forces for a kickass new delivery system: UberSohoor on demand!
They'll start implementing it on the 29th, but it's basically a really cool initiative to deliver a tasty late-night meal anywhere in Cairo or Alexandria any time between 11 PM - 2 AM. That way, you don't have to get up and leave to grab a bite; your evening gathering can comfortably stretch to dawn without moving your butt off the couch. 
How does it work? You open the Uber app between 11 PM and 2 AM starting on Wednesday, June 29th, and  slide over to the 'sohour' icon and tap request. Within minutes, you'll have a mouthwatering Zooba sohour for two delivered to your doorstep for only 75 LE. Talk about pampering! 
All nestled in their living room couches and trying to keep up with all their Ramadan series, Uber users will get to eat plenty of Alexandrian fool, spiced sausages, pickled cherry tomatoes, gebna w 2oota, as well as their award-winning taamiya with beetroot tahina. It'll be pretty busy, though, so keep your gfingers ready to tap that button. All those years of mobile gaming will finally be put to good (yummy) use.