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Something Beginning With F…

If the Egyptian media is to be believed, all foreigners are evil spies for the planet 'agenda' - CairoScene reminds you to be beware of blondes...


I spy with my little eye, something beginning with F...

By now you have probably seen the TV ads claiming everyone foreign is a spy and you shouldn’t speak to them.  I whole heartedly agree. I mean what good have foreigners ever done for this country apart from support tourism and build every bridge which is still structurally sound? I say get rid of them all!

These were my experiences over the weekend with foreigners…

A French man pointed out there is lots of traffic in Egypt! My God where did he get such privileged info? I stole his camera phone to save our country and told him to either make me a baguette or get out.

A white person whom I deemed to be foreign had the audacity to inform me that women should not get harassed during a women’s protest march. She claimed she found out by following twitter. She was white and foreign so clearly lying.

Final straw, a foreigner said they didn’t like my shoes. I gathered my friends and stoned him. My shoes are awesome, so he was clearly a spy.


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