Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Spatis Beach

Taking over Sukhna's Stella di Mare beach all summer long, Spatis promises the best of daytime frolics for the family and debauchery-fuelled nights for grown ups, kicking off with an opening bash this Thursday...

Staff Writer

So as much as we adore the Sahel beach and heading up to the North Coast during the summer, it is massively inconvenient for us. Saturday evening those bawabat are packed like no other – it's a veritable soo2 el gom3a kind of situation – and for the entire time the winds threatens to knock you over, your hair explodes into a lion's mane thanks to the unparalleled humidity, and the Sahel sea is a borderline rapist in the sense that you may or may not emerge with your swimsuit still on.

Sukhna, on the other hand, is the undying love of our lives. It's so close it's like you haven’t even left the city, and the water is always, without fail, perfect, calm, and gorgeous. And this year, the stakes have officially been raised at the seaside venue, as Stella's beach is taken over by Spatis and transformed into a beachside wonderland. Restaurant and beach bar, booze and fresh juice, water games and great beats. THIS IS SPATIS! Sorry, you knew there had to be a 300 reference in there. We couldn’t resist. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Spatis are taking over the tranquil beach and turning it into a fun-filled daytime paradise until 5:30 PM and then switching it up into an adults-only venue come nightfall, filled with delicious cuisine and nocturnal booze-soaked antics.

While the sun warms up the beach, it's a kid-friendly space, all chaise-longues under white umbrellas so you can sit back and work on your tan while the kids are taken care of by an animation team. We've been promised themed morning events, live music, and water mattresses. We also have it on good authority that water mattresses are the least of the awesome things available; there's a 'game area' in the sea where there will be giant, oversized floating slides and castles and all sorts of things. Kids, shmids. We're going to be kicking those brats off and taking over. And then you can regain your strength courtesy of the beach-front restaurant; it'll be serving up cheesy pizzas and sandwiches, will also have booze on hand (YES!), as well as cater to our nation's shisha obsession with a special shisha corner.

Once night falls, they'll be classing the place up and turning it into a swanky restaurant. The menu will swap pizzas for mezzehs, and sandwiches for mashawees, but the important thing is, the liquor will continue to flow. The even more important thing is, while you do your sexy beachside thing, your hair will not rebel against you like it does in Sahel. Just saying.

Kicking off this sun-soaked Sukhna summer will be an opening party this Thursday the 5th of June. The exclusive, invite-only soiree will see DJ Carlos of Nile FM fame take over the decks and spin out a collection of killer tunes that will likely you keep you on the dance floor well into Friday morning. Joining him will be Flori Eva, who's flown in all the way from Turkey to grace us with her musical presence and make you move. And to top it all off, their resident DJ Hany Tadros will also be behind the decks. Ah, beach, music, booze…we couldn’t ask for much else from life, really. But this is just the soft opening, and there's another party planned for the 23rd of June that's set to be bigger and wilder, so stay tuned for all the debaucherous details…