Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Spatis Heads to Dreamland

After a summer of sun, fun and foam parties, Spatis is relocating to Cairo, throwing a massive opening party this Thursday, December 4th.

Staff Writer

We've always wondered what exactly is so dreamlike about 6th October's Dreamland. Is it greenery? Is it the relative quietness, compared to the rest of the city? Well, turns out, starting this Thursday December 4th, there'll be a whole new realm to explore at Dreamland as Spatis leaves the beach and sets up camp at the massive compound, inside the Sheraton hotel.

Ditching the clean white, modern look of their Ain Sokhna flagship location for a more Oriental style, the new venue combines opulent gold and brass materials with sleek edges and one heck of a dance floor. Bringing with them their infamous party style, we imagine this is going to be a hub for west Cairenes who like to get wild. Kicking off their festivities on their opening night is Cairo favourite , DJ Lith K. The Damascus native is the one to call when you're after a night of music that packs out the floor and makes you dance. They're also promising an Oriental surprise for the opening night so get ready to compete on the dance floor.

For more about Spatis, check out their official Facebook page here.