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Special Branch: MOI Mimic Trees

The interior ministry has introduced their newest tactics to confront crime; undercover officers dressed as trees. Yes, you read that right, and there's even a video of it.

Egypt's top cops have turned over a new LEAF in an effort to tackle crime, by disguising themselves as TREES.
The news emerged following a bizarre State TV training clip designed to show off the Ministry of Interior's latest tactics.
The videos begins by showing security forces taking part in a number of military-style training drills.
However moments later an on-screen announcer makes a startling admission.
"I would like you to pay attention to the side of the area."
The viewer is then shown what appears to be an innocent-looking line of trees.
However all is not as it seems and heavy camoflagued officers emerge from the undergrowth
The voiceover adds: "They've been hiding at the sides dressed as trees from the beginning."


The stunt has drawn mixed reviews from top security experts with some suggesting officials should LEAF out the outdated surveilence method.
A senior security source today claimed officials were 'barking up the wrong tree'.
He added: "It's obvious that we are trying to beef up our efforts to tackle the ROOTS of crime.
"However in this instance I feel they are barking up the wrong tree ."