Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Sport in Style at Upper Deck

No need to contemplate where to watch the next Champions League match... The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza's Upper Deck is your destination...

Staff Writer

There are two kinds of people who watch matches on TV: freaky sport aficionados who literally won't miss a match even when it comes to golf or darts (the mind boggles as to why) and those who are severely ungifted when it comes to the art of sport and like to live vicariously through professionals...we consider ourselves the latter, however either way the entire experience is heightened by the perfect place and ambiance.

Looking for somewhere to watch the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League or maybe the Spanish League? Perhaps we could be of assistance and recommend an establishment that serves frosty brews for the lads, fruity cocktails for the ladies and great food for all. Where is this heavenly place we speak of? Well, the Upper Deck of course.

A great place to watch the upcoming fixtures, the Upper Deck facilitates a cosy and inviting atmosphere to enjoy all kinds of sports with your group of friends. A home away from home, the moment you walk into the establishment, you immediately feel at ease. Imagine a set of lounges. Each lounge is equipped with heavenly plush sofas, the likes of which will have you reclined all evening, and a huge high definition plasma screen just for you (your own remote control included) that won't have you straining your eyes to catch a glimpse of the action, for at Upper Deck if you can't see the score you are either vertically challenged or just had one too many.

Whilst keeping your eye fixed on your favourite team, the staff at Upper Deck will become your new best friends as they bring you an uninterrupted flow of mouth-watering foods, from oriental themed tapas to delicious sushi, creative coffees (we'd go just for the Nutella espresso) and desserts that range from macaroons to a platter of fresh seasonal fruit. With the option to wine and dine while you watch your preferred teams in your own living room away from home, we can't think of a better venue to let loose and watch our favourite athletes run around.

How do we like to keep up with our sporty goings? Wine in hand with a side of sushi of course, there really is no other way.

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