Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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Stalking Level: Dubai

Notorious for their one-manupship, one Dubai resident took things too far, calling his crush up to 200 times a day and leaving creepy notes on her doorstep.

Staff Writer

Stalking Level: Dubai

There is really no hiding it, the Middle East has a stalking problem. Whether it is in Egypt or in the Emirates, far too often you hear stories of women being harassed by men without a clue and huge phone bill. The usual solution is to have the number blocked, but sometimes that isn't enough and leads to the stalker taking it to the next level. The recent case in the news cycle is out of Dubai. The victim, a 24-year-old Emirati woman, claims that she has been stalked by a man who calls her 200 times a day trying to convince her to marry him.

Obviously, calling didn't seem to be working, so instead of taking a hint this creep decided to up his efforts leaving sexual notes on her front door, and threatening to release photos of her in her underwear if she did not marry him. Disturbed, the victim, took her stalker to court where he signed a document promising to stay away. However, he didn't and again ramped up his efforts. “He kept stalking me and chased me in the street....He also called me 200 times a day for a month and sent me many text messages,” explains the woman.

He even pulled up to her work, blocking her way with his car and tried to open her car door, but she drove off and went to the police were they downloaded her phone messages and set up a trial. The defendant has plead not guilty to threatening behaviour, however the trial has been adjourned. The problem with all of this is that this man is clearly mentally troubled, and this woman is definitely in danger. If a man calls 200 hundred times and starts showing up where she works and lives, then obviously they won't be getting married, and that disappointment will likely lead to a decisions that causes her further harm.

If all the evidence in this case is true, then an example should be made of this clueless douche-bag to discourage future stalkers. This man clearly feels like he has the right to marry whoever he wants, but that is not how the world works, and we fear that if his obsession is left unchecked it will only get worse and instead of writing about a stalking situation, we will end up having to write about a kidnapping or murder that could have easily been prevented.