Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Star Power

There's a new kid on the print press block, and by the looks of eniGma Star's celebrity-studded launch party in Dubai tomorrow night, they mean business.

Staff Writer

Egypt's premier English-language lifestyle publication (that's a mouthful!) has a new sibling. Say hello to eniGma Star - the first Arabic magazine of its kind launches tomorrow with appropriate extravagance at Okku, Dubai. Promising to be the hautest-hub for everything fashion, celebrity and media related, the cover of the first issue - featuring Ahmed Mekky and a scary dog - has us wishing we had paid attention in Arabic class.

We spoke to Editor-in-Chief Daliah Galal to find out more about the new venture. She's worked with eniGma for years so it comes as no surprise that she was chosen by founder Yasmine Shihata to head up the new glossy magazine. But why Arabic and why now? "Well, eniGma has been planning to launch an Arabic publication that can bring the same sort of glamour and refinement to a wider audience in Egypt and the Middle East since before the revolution. Obviously, those plans had to be put on hold. Now that things have settled down and there is, in fact, a surge in new rising stars, it's the perfect time to launch, especially with the whole region focusing on our media," she explains. "It's a celebrity magazine. No politics, no drama!" Galal adds with a laugh.

Gearing up for the massive red-carpeted, star-studded, glamour-infected launch tomorrow night at one of Dubai's hottest clubs, Okku, Shihata, Galal and the rest of the team are visibly and understandably busy with the final touches, as the first issue, fresh of the presses, makes its way around the region. "We've got the likes of Yosra, Laila Elwi, Samira Saeed, Arwa Gouda, Khaled El Nabawy, Bassem Youssef, Mais Hamdan, Razan Moghrabi and more already in Dubai, ready to walk the red carpet!" says Galal. "We've been working really hard on this launch event to make sure our stars get the Hollywood treatment they deserve."

And we're sure they will, looking at the list of attendees and sponsors! eniGma Star will also be throwing a launch party here in Cairo soon, so if you ever meet Daliah Galal or Yasmine Shishata, make sure to get in their good books - if tomorrow's party is anything to go by (and if you attended eniGma's 10th anniversary bash featuring Kylie Minogue, you'll know what we mean), the Cairo launch is one you won't want to miss.

Keep up-to-date with eniGma Star on their Facebook page here and follow @EnigmaStarMag for live updates from tomorrow's event.