Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Start The New Year With Soirée

They say go big or go home, and Garo and Beltagy will be going big with their latest party creation: Soirée.

Staff Writer
We all know the drill when it comes to New Year's Eve parties: you pick a party, find yourself a date, save up for a while prior to the big night, and arrive to the event dressed in your most expensive soirée gear. However, lo and behold, the entertainment that was advertised as 'the best New Year's party music with special surprise guest' turns out to be a typical homegrown band and, of course, the special guest cancelled so you're stuck cringing along to this band of youngsters who are painfully off tune. There was probably never a special guest anyway. You decide that, as long as you're there, you might as well enjoy yourself - you practically gave up your firstborn to be there and your date isn't big on music anyway. You decide to hit up the bar instead, and immediately regret the decision. You can't quite believe your eyes as you witness what seems to be the longest queue you have ever seen, and for what? Bad Egyptian alcohol? Great. Your night is ruined. Instead of starting the new year in style, you start it by dumping your date and spending the night in jail because you beat up the valet for scratching the paint job on your brand new BMW.
It doesn't have to be this way. The boys and girls at Events Plus are teaming up with Beltagy, the man behind such nightlife brands as TIU and Tamarai, and combining nearly a quarter century of experience between them to offer you THE best NYE experience. Believe it or not, this New Year's Eve you'll be getting an unparalleled amalgamated experience of exclusivity and high quality entertainment - at great value, too. So, if you know what's good for you and your date, you will get ahead of the crowd and secure your places at the highly anticipated NYE Soirée at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski.
The night will feature entertainment by Ramy DJunkie who will deliver a set that will make you remember the best musical moments of 2015 and help you usher in 2016 with open arms and welcoming souls. To keep your night Go-go-ing, the Soirée Sugar Babes will be taking over with some unforgettable dance numbers. No matter how awful your 2015 might have been, these babes will make up for it. Sexy serenader Patrizze will be flown in from Europe to add that special flair to the night's musical entertainment, and a surprise award-winning percussionist will be revealed just at the right moment. Don't worry - we made sure there really is a surprise percussionist. Now, last but not least, the curvaceous, bodacious, revered from Egypt to Mauritius, superstar belly dancer Maya Maghraby will be on stage delivering you a fantastic performance that will have you chasing after your own tail in excitement. 
Forget making New Year's resolutions this year - Soirée's going to have a beguilingly accurate fortune teller who'll take a peek through her crystal ball and tell you that you're not going to keep those resolutions, anyway. Come on, who are you kidding? Even a fortune cookie could tell you that much. But, fear not - pay her a visit and, a few magical potions later, we're sure you'll find out what's destined for you during 2016. Not a fan of the mysticism? Pay her a visit and we'll see what you have to say after that.
If all that is not enough, add to it the one-time offer that Kempinski will be providing to attendees of the NYE Soirée: a 1500 LE room/night only for that night. If, like us, you usually wake up famished from the night's mayhem, you'll be glad to know that Kempinski is offering you a five-star open buffet breakfast for only 300 LE. Never been to Kempinski before? Check out the wonder that is the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski on their Facebook page here.
If you're already thinking "shut up and take my money," then get your tickets by emailing