Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Stop Snoring AND Racism?

An American billboard advertising a sleep-aid for chronic snorers has caught the attention of the media for the unlikely couple used as an example.

Staff Writer

Turning heads in Los Angeles is a billboard that has generated a plethora of mixed opinions. The ad in question is for a sleep-aid named SnoreStop, a product that claims to save relationships by putting an end to annoying snoring. To capture people's attention, the billboard brazenly displays, between the hashtag #BeTogether and the slogan "Keeping you Together", an American soldier embracing a fully-veiled, Niqabi woman, wearing a wedding ring, suggesting the two are married.

"We want to show couples that you normally don't see in advertising," SnoreStop spokeswoman Melody Devemark told Fox 5 San Diego. "People feel that we are trying to misuse the image of military servicemen. I think they don't understand that there are couples like this that do exist."

In actuality, the ad was inspired from a real-life veteran named Jamie Sutton and his wife, Aleah. The aim of the campaign is to celebrate the diversity that exists in America. The general feedback has been mixed, but the positive comments, including the comments made by the Council on American-Islamic relations, are outweighing the negatives as this ad is considered cool and refreshing during times of heightened Islamophobia.