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One Egyptian mum is taking on the nation’s kids in a bid to ensure that no school supply is ever again lost into the ether…

Each afternoon, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the collective voices of a million mothers interrogating their children as to the whereabouts of some school supply or item of clothing which has inevitably been lost. There is a room somewhere in the world (right next door to the space that houses all the socks that have disappeared in the tumble dryer), which must contain a billion battered satchels, sneakers, sweaters and pencil cases as far as the eye can see. This treasure trove of student essentials is manned by a man who roams the shelves stacked with lost text books, muttering under his breath, “You’d lose your own head if it wasn’t screwed on.” Or sometimes, when he’s feeling particularly hopeless, “But money doesn’t grow on trees.”

One Egyptian woman is taking a stand on behalf of mothers across the nation. It’s her against the kids, and her weapon of choice is the Tag n’ Stick. Having finally tired of arming her kids with shiny brand new - and often expensive - school supplies, only to find them coming home empty handed, Marketing Executive Dima Taha developed a range of cute cheap and cheerful ‘sticker’ and ‘iron on’ tags that aren’t just simple to use, but promise NEVER to wash or peel off come hell or high washing machine / dishwasher water. You just log on to the facebook page, choose from the multitude of designs and colours on offer, then customize with your kids names in either Arabic or English.



“Having school supplies name tagged is becoming compulsory in a lot of school in Egypt ,” says Taha. “However the tags are always coming off or the ink fades or you have to spend ages sewing them on, and the whole thing is not only exhausting but just looks ugly!” With Tag n’ Stick the process is quick, easy, and you can even confuse the kids into believing it’s fun, getting them to do the work for you. “You can tag anything and everything,” she says. “Clothing, lunch boxes, flasks, pencil cases, crayons, even bicycles.”

Find out more on their facebook page here