Monday September 25th, 2023
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Studio of the Stars

Launching two commercial studios, the people behind Nile and Nogoum FM have their eyes set on making stars...

Staff Writer

The brains that behind Nogoum FM and Nile FM, chose not to stop at just being market leaders and pioneers in the world of entertainment radio. No, that's not their style. They've got their eyes set on the music production industry, and taking a look at their gorgeous headquarters, we're pretty sure they're about to dominate this field too. 

Launching two record labels, "Nogoum Records to record and produce music with stars, and NRP Music for independent musicians," as online operations manager Omar Shoeb explains. “The studios are world-class, the equipment, facilities, environment and team on board surpass international production standards, only matched by studios as BBC, ABC and NBC” adds Ahmed Deeb, the NRP recording studio manager. The studios are attracting the attention of Egyptian superstars; Sherine Abdel Wahab has just started recording her upcoming album there. 

Their aim to provide the Egyptian and Middle Eastern music scene with outstanding recording and audio facilities is well underway. "NRP recording Studios started operations last year, and we've set it all up with the best soundproofing available, and top notch equipment," explains Shoeb. "We even hired to British experts to oversee the building of the studio." Ready to make stars out of artists that use the studio space, they've even kitted the facilities out with a luxury 'green room', filled with plush sofas and TV so they can experience celebrity status in between recording sessions. 

Having just launched their swanky website, your dreams of singing superstardom are just around the corner – “I think we managed to make our website distinct in the sense that you are really a click away from the studios. That means you can book your session, check availability and communicate with the studios online, says Deeb. 

Find out more about NRP Recording Studios on their website: or visit their Facebook page here and follow @NRPRecStudios on Twitter.