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Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

The Giftery wants you to channel your inner happy person, if only for one day...

We're pretty much bombarded with a constant barrage of negative news every day so it's always a pleasant little pick-me-up when you see something funny or cute amidst a dozen others things about the various miseries of the world. Puppies and rainbows, for example, always seem to do the trick. Anyway, (a site which makes sending prezzies and creating gift registries infinitely easier) has decided to get everyone to channel their inner happy person, (even if you have to dig really deep to find them) for just one day. On March 2nd, they are launching a Positivity Campaign, asking everyone to post a positive anything on social media. So pick your poison (whichever social media platform you obsessively check) and try and be a little ray of sunshine for one day by posting a positive thought, picture song or story on March 2nd. On Facebook, tag @TheGiftery and on Instagram use the hashtag #TheGifteryEgypt. Just to be clear, they're not asking you to ignore the facts or realities of our life; just to squash your emo side for a single 24-hour period to try and positively impact other people's days. We're already preparing our uber-adorable photos of small animals.

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