Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Suit Up for Jobzella's Employment Fair at The GrEEK Campus

Are you sick and tired of not affording things? Get off your mama's couch, get out of those sweatpants, and suit up for the Jobzella Employment Fair at The GrEEK Campus.

Staff Writer

The global economy has been getting a lot of hate lately, with some super cool hippie type millennials calling into question its most fundamental principle: employment. We would love to spend our days inhaling illegal substances, grooving to psychedelic music, and sticking it to the man, but things cost money, you know? Thanks a lot, Adam Smith!

So, wise up, get off your mama’s couch, and get real. Your first stop on the long and arduous path to self-fulfillment and respect – not to mention the long overdue rapture you’re sure to experience when you no longer have to eat your mom’s Raisin Bran for breakfast because you can afford your own cereals now – is Jobzella's Employment Fair.

In cooperation with the Professional Development Foundation, Jobzella is organizing the mammoth job forum takes place at The GrEEK Campus on December 3rd, with some of the biggest employers all eager to offer you a way out of perpetual, and sometimes self-inflicted, poverty. There'll be everyone from up-and-comers like Ousta and Jumia, to finance giants like Banque Misr and the AUC School of Continuing Education, to tech giants like Raya.

We know who the coolest employer award will go to, though: yours truly. Sorry, other employers, we can’t help it if we’re too awesome for reality. Our mama company MO4 Network will be giving you the opportunity to come along for a ride aboard the world domination express! Also, the aforementioned award does not really exist; we meant it symbolically, unless you guys want to make us a trophy.

We got the lowdown from Jobzella Founder and CEO Nader El Batrawi, who told us that the fair would mainly offer jobs in the fields of IT and digital marketing, “in addition to other job roles like customer care, HR, sales, etc.”

People who try to hook you up with employers can seem so paternally warm and fuzzy, but the Jobzella Employment Fair is no joking matter. You're not slipping someone a favour to land you a role. Not only do you need to come dressed up to the nines, with an ‘embellished’ resume, you must prepare to be skewered because there may be some on-the-spot job interviews depending on how good an impression you leave.

Find out more about the event here or register here!