Friday March 31st, 2023
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Before Cairenes disperse for the summer, Back2Basics is holding the daytime party to end all daytime parties...

Staff Writer

Every year there is this beautiful moment when the weather starts to turn and we think not of the shambolic economy and bearded politicians but of beaches, bikinis and hedonism.  Everyone has their spot whether it be Gouna, Sahel or, for those not arrested and still well-heeled enough, Beirut and beyond.  What these people have in common is, before they disperse for the summer, they will all attend one glorious pre summer party to initiate the change of the seasons; this is Egypt's Groundhog Day.

This year the people from Back2Basics have created such an event and it’s called Groundhog Egypt. No, no, we’re kidding. It's called Summergate! Just as the name suggests, Summergate will be your gateway to the summer and all things fun and haram. If you have attended any of the Back2basics parties before you will know that they are not to be missed; imagine unadulterated partying and tanning at the same time, all without even setting foot outside of Cairo.

Summergate will take place on the 31st of May at Tamarai's beautiful open air terrace and we are expecting some of the finest names in the art of DJing to be providing the soundtrack to our summer debauchery. Stay tuned for more details.