Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Super Bowl Jeep Ad Faces Backlash for Featuring Arabs

The Twittersphere exploded with anti-Muslim sentiment after Jeep premiered their latest campaign this week.

Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is essentially the Holy Grail of amazing commercials. Whether or not you diligently support one team of padded guys running while cradling a ball – or care in which direction they’re going – you’ll definitely be blown away by the commercials that air during this massive sports event.

This year, Jeep created a beautiful – literally beautiful, every shot could be frozen and regarded as #InstaArt – ad that starts by showing landscapes across America and then gradually moves on to scenery from the rest of the world. The entire thing is set to a really mellow version of ‘This Land is Your Land’ and showcases different cultures and people from across the globe.

It’s lovely, inclusive, lets-all-hold-hands-and-Kumbaya, ect. So one shot shows a Muslim woman in a headscarf. Could this just be considered part and parcel of the ad’s message and just one of the many different cultures represented in the Jeep ad? Nope, ‘course not. Suddenly the Twittersphere exploded with a barrage of backlash against – oh no, the horror! – a veiled woman being featured in an American ad, calling out Jeep because how dare they feature Arab Muslims?

Here are some of our favourite, most racist and ignorant gems.

Yes, we regularly do that here in these parts. We're big on chopping off heads. We all eat popcorn and clap while it happens. 
Nope, just Saudi. 
Yes, clearly Jeep used this commercial to let the public in on their terrorist agenda. That veiled woman is smiling because she just bombed something. 
It's because beheadings don't sell cars! Duh! Also, loads of Tweeters took the liberty of responding to him themselves, below. 
Others on Twitter supported the ad and mocked the morons who were taking issue with it.