Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Supreme Court Ruling Guarantees Female Employees Their Annual Increase After Maternity Leave

The ruling comes after employees of Nasser Social Bank failed to receive their annual increase after taking unpaid maternity leave.

Staff Writer

A Supreme Constitutional Court ruling now guarantees female employees who take extended unpaid maternity leave their full annual pay increases. The verdict was issued on Saturday, in a case brought forward by employees of the Nasser Social Bank, after they were given only part, and in some cases none, of their annual increase after taking unpaid maternity leave.

Egypt’s new civil service law entitles female employees to a four-month paid maternity leave up to three times, meaning three pregnancies. This new ruling further guarantees the employees their annual increase, with the court stipulating that this is the employees’ right and failure to provide it could force working women to sacrifice their maternity leave, according to Ahram Online.

According to 2016 figures from state statistics agency CAPMAS, women make up 4.98 million of the country's 25.5 million labour force.

Main Photo by Media India Group