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Digital Discounts

Surf's Up opens up the world of kitesurfing to professionals and beginners alike and is the first online community of its kind in the Middle East...

You might have already heard of Kiteology – Egypt’s premier kitesurfing brand and community – as the enthusiastic team travel up and down our coastlines spreading surfer love. From courses and competitions to sourcing the best equipment, they’ve become the go-to group for everyone and anyone interested in the rapidly-growing sport.

But it doesn’t stop there. They’ve just launched, the first and only digital kitesurfing portal and fully-fledged online community in the Middle East. Boasting full listings for centres and courses across Egypt (including online bookings), a comprehensive online store for new and used gear, a dynamic calendar of events, stunning image galleries featuring original photography, industry news and reviews and so much more, it sets the benchmark for the sport and serves as a hub for enthusiasts and rookies alike. It doesn't hurt that the site is pretty darn slick too:

If you’ve kitesurfed before, you’ll know how addictive the water sport is. If you haven’t, a quick look at the will have you intrigued to say the very least. With forums lead by experts, the latest news from the kitesurfing competitions across the world and a well-stocked shop, you can get the full picture at the click of a button: where to stay, where to play and how much to pay! One of the only areas of tourism that’s boomed since the revolution, find out what all the fuss is about now and log on to