Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Sushi Topped with Terror?

A notoriously aggressive group of Jewish settlers in the West Bank have decided to clean up their image by opening up a sushi restaurant, obviously...

Staff Writer

We've often heard of trying to win catching flies with honey, but how about winning hearts and minds with sushi? Radical Jewish settlers from a notorious  West Bank outpost have set up a sushi business in a bid to revamp their brutal image.

Esh Kodesh, is a small unauthorised outpost in the northern West Bank, populated by settlers who have frequently attacked local Palestinians. But now they plan to clean up their blood soaked image by making sushi to order for a string of settlements and outposts in the area, the top-selling, Yediot Aharonot reported.

The project was set up by a woman called Maayan Shaar, who decided to introduce her neighbours to the Japanese delicacy, quickly converting them into enthusiasts. Shaar and her husband now delivering "to even the most remote hilltops beyond the Green Line," the internationally recognised border between the Jewish state and Palestinian territories.

The outpost has long held a reputation for brutal violence against local Palestinian residents and Esh Kodesh also recently hit the headlines after a dozen of its residents entered the nearby Palestinian village of Qusra, and were beaten up by locals, fed up with being systematically harassed. Palestinian officials claim the village has suffered "continuous assaults" by the settlers, who have shot at them, burnt crops and uprooted their olive trees.