Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Sync Tank Rolls into Cairo Jazz Club for an All Out Sonic Assault

Off the heels of their blazing set at Sandbox, this up-and-coming deep house duo are storming Cairo Jazz Club on May 19th.

Staff Writer

Sync Tank Rolls into Cairo Jazz Club for an All Out Sonic Assault

Egypt is oversaturated with DJs delivering deep house and fiddling with knobs on mixers. But few actually know how to play an instrument, and when they do, it's magic. DJing is a craft, but reaches new levels when live instruments are introduced, making for a more entertaining performance. Doing exactly that is Egypt's up-and-coming deep house duo Sync Tank, who are planning an all out dance attack at the Cairo Jazz Club on May 19th. Ahead of the stacked line-up that also includes Sebzz and Ouzo, we decided to reach out to Sync Tank to learn more about their original sound.

Making up Sync Tank's dynamic duo are the talented Negmeddin Shaheen and Hameed Sabry. And off the heels of their blazing deep house set at Sandbox, this duo is bringing new life and refreshing live sounds to Egypt's beloved house scene. Inspired by the likes of Kink, Bob Moses, and David August, this music-making team set out to craft and produce their own original tracks by surrounding themselves with a variety of tools that not only add life to their performance but ones also inspired the duo's name. “When we started out we wanted to do a live set without computers, using only hardware like drum machines, samplers, and synthesisers. We spent a lot of time syncing up lots of different machines and trying to get them to play nice together. Surrounded by the machines and instruments with buttons, dials, and lights it was almost like we were on a plane or a tank. We like names with a sense of humour so Sync Tank was born. What do you sync about that? You like it? Tank you very much,” describes Shaheen.

Lovers of puns, these two music-making jokesters are looking forward to their upcoming set as the duo love to feed off “The crowd. Feedback and energy from the people at Cairo Jazz is always a real treat for performers”. Encouraged by the feedback to continue on their war path Sync Tank points out that not everyone gets what they are doing. “Someone came up to us once during a show and asked us to play something more commercial. We tried to explain that we were not DJs, and we only play our original material, but it wasn't getting through,” believes Shaheen.

With only their live Sandbox set available on their SoundCloud the duo has done well to secure bookings playing shows in Matarma Bay, Sandbox and Cairo Jazz Club. A lot of the buzz generated is simply to do with the fact that these two are totally in sync with one another on stage and presenting original music beyond the turning of a knobs. However, if given the opportunity to work with anyone in the music industry all Shaheen can say with any confidence is that it certainly wouldn't be with “*N Sync”.

Joining beloved local DJ stars Ouzo and Sebzz, Sync Tank can't wait to perform as it is but another important step on their ambitious future plans which Shaheen warns “It might be a cliché to say world domination, but when the Tank gets rolling, you better run for shelter.” We don't imagine anyone will be running for shelter at their Cairo Jazz Club show as their sonic assault seems to be attracting more devoted troops than deserters.

For more info visit Cairo Jazz Club event page.