Friday April 12th, 2024
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TBS #BasketOfLove

This Valentine's Day TBS is overdosing on adorableness with their brilliant Basket of Love. Find out how to get yours.

Staff Writer

TBS #BasketOfLove

TBS is really getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit this year with like, so much adorableness it hurts. For this one day where superficial displays of affection reign supreme, and everyone laps it up and loves it anyway, the bakery has created a special Valentine’s Day basket stuffed with their doughy deliciousness, that you can either order and have sent to your loved one (read: yourself), or you can win via their Instagram competition. Now this is not just any basket – this basket looks like it came out of Little House on the Prairie. The basket contains plain croissants, blueberry and chocolate muffins, one loaf cake, a strawberry juice, and a strawberry jam. Now look at their photo. LOOK AT IT.  Like, it looks like they went to a damn farm in Oklahoma for this shot. There’s an old fashioned milk bottle. Didn’t those stop existing after 1940? There’s a rolling pin. A rolling pin.

If you want to have this little package of cuteness delivered to someone, it can be sent to the address you put down with your own little attached message, but it needs to be ordered 3 days ahead of V-Day. If you want to try and win it instead, because, y’know, maybe you have no one to send it to, and you just want it for yourself so that the muffin can be your Valentine, just get Instagramming. All their stores now have a cute little bicycle set up in them, complete with a basket of flowers. You just have to Instagram a photo with or of the bicycle, mention @TBSEgypt, as well as your Valentine, and hashtag #BasketOfLove. Their top 10 favourite photos will win the basket for free, to be delivered on the 14th, and the picture with the most likes wins a dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza. We all know how exquisite that hotel’s food is, so get creative with your shots!

Anyway, whichever way you split it it’s a win-win situation because there are croissants involved.

You can check out TBS’ Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @TBSEgypt.