Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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TBS Does its Part for Earth Week!

Head to the AUC branch of everyone's favourite bakery this week and you're in for a freebie. But only if you bring your own mug...

Staff Writer

TBS Does its Part for Earth Week!

It’s Earth Week! And y’know, there’s quite a bit of room for improvement in Cairo. Our air is practically grey, we’re running out of Nile water, you can physically SEE the plumes of black, black smoke emanating from the exhaust pipes of cars nationwide, everyone leaves every single light in the house on, we use AC even when it’s like 25 degrees, but we also turn the heater on when it’s 20 degree… we’re just lousy at being environmentally friendly. But this is the week where it’s all about raising awareness about saving our planet and all that good stuff. UNPLUG YOUR UNUSED CHARGERS PEOPLE. Jeez.

Granted, we doubt even half of the Egyptians reading this were aware that Earth Week was happening right now (granted, we just found out today), but some Good Samaritans out there, who are better than us, knew about this already and are actually doing their part for the planet. Amongst them are doughnut darlings, TBS. From the 19th until the 22nd of April, they’ll be getting in on the Earth Week thing, and giving away free tea to anyone who hits up their AUC branch with their own mugs. Because, you know, paper cups and stuff. So you can do your bit for the earth and get some free tea while you’re at it. When you roll in for that damn 8:30 AM class, pop by TBS first and get your tea on. Umm, so TBS, if we bring our own plates from home do we get free doughnuts? Please consider.

You can check out their Facebook page here