Saturday May 18th, 2024
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TFA Show You Why #ItsWorthATri

Run, walk or crawl if you must as Train for Aim will donate 1 LE for each 400 metres you complete this Ramadan, as they prepare to head out on a group run today in Zamalek.

Staff Writer

TFA Show You Why #ItsWorthATri

Your legs start to feel like a tonne of bricks, the sweat's getting in your eyes, you can only imagine what you look like to other people... Who knew completing a workout could be so dramatic? Train for Aim, however, has succeeded in providing the perfect motivation for the holy month of Ramadan. The sports group encourages individuals to incorporate a wholesome healthy lifestyle in everything they do, and this includes charity. With their vigorous workouts and merciless coaches, the group show off their softer side this Ramadan as they launched their #ItsWorthATri challenge. The challenge calls on participants to complete the number of laps or equivalent distance corresponding to that day of Ramadan and for every lap/400M completed, the group promise to donate LE1. So how have people responded? The group has so far managed to raise LE 5670. “The challenge fits the Train for Aim ethos basically, which is a wholesome healthy lifestyle and attitude, this way people can work out and feel good about themselves,” says proud TFA Partner Abdelaziz Hakim.

Participants download the Nike+ Running application, complete the distance for that day, post the picture on a social media outlet with the hashtag #ItsWorthATri and TFA will then donate to the Ibrahim Badran Foundation  and Waslet Kheir; two charity institution which handle medical care for those who cannot afford it as well as other charitable projects. “You don’t have to run and you don’t have to be the fittest to participate but it really is worth a try and so far the amount of people who have participated is truly inspiring. This is what Train for Aim is all about and this is the second year we’ve had success where people get to help out doing something they enjoy” continued Hakim.

This Friday July 10th,  the group will be organising a group run in Zamalek starting at 5PM in front of Imperial Boat. For the 23rd of Ramadan the group aim to complete a distance of 9.2km around the island.