Sunday 5 of February, 2023
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TIU Membership: Your VIP Key

Currently accepting applications, TIU's super VIP membership programme offers some seriously cool perks...

Staff Writer

Picture this. It’s Thursday evening, you’ve just clocked out of work, and you’re ready to blow of some serious steam. “Tab3an TIU!” say your friends and you’re all in. But wait – have we made a reservation? What are you wearing? Where’s that bottle we had last weekend? Tayeb, are we going to take a room at the Fairmont? Who’s driving? The questions are endless, and before you know it, it’s 1AM and there’s no way you’re getting in TIU now…

Now imagine all of that wasn’t a worry. Imagine you could just flash a card, without a care in the world, and get all of the details taken care of by someone else. Well, that moment has arrived as TIU begins accepting applications for memberships. For an annual fee starting from LE 4500, you’ll get priority for bookings, the ability to enter without a booking at all, so long as you arrive before 11PM, entrance via a special members-only door, and free corkage when you’ve booked a table. If you’re after a more casual drink, you and a plus one (of the opposite sex) can gain free bar entry, and you’ll get priority for invites for their private events (until capacity is full). If that wasn’t enough, the membership also grants you discounted room, restaurant and spa rates at the Fairmont Nile City.

You can apply for a membership by logging on to, completing the form and uploading a picture of yourself.  Applications take three to four weeks to process, and acceptance is of course up to the discretion of the TIU team. Apply before 31st March and, if you’re accepted, you’ll get 10% off the annual fee.

For more information, connect with TIU on Facebook.