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Tabibi Takes On Sahel This Summer

Tabibi is coming with you to Sahel, because what happens in Sahel will probably need a doctor in Sahel - stat!

Whoever said you can have your cake and eat it too did humanity a huge disservice. Life operates on a tit for tat basis; for every party there’s a hangover and for every cupcake there's a muffintop! Even a nice dip in Sahel comes with the potential jellyfish sting, and even though you most probably can’t eat your cake after the fact, we found a loophole that lets you have a bite or two, you know, eventually.

Sahel is the exception to the rule this summer because Tabibi will be available to kiss that booboo better from July 5th to September 15th. “We conduct home visits – chalet visits in Sahel. We know your needs and we want to be there when you need us. So, if you're going to Sahel, so are we,” says Tabibi 24/7 Managing Director Khalil Abdel Khalek MD MRCPCH.

From house calls and regular checkups to 24/7 phone consultations, first aid, and vaccinations, Tabibi will see to it that you and your loved ones have a disease-free summer in Sahel. “We will be providing primary care services in both paediatrics and family medicine,” Khalil says.   

“A solid database and electronic medical records” of all Tabibi patients makes having them in Sahel a monumental life hack as treatment course is implemented in light of your medical history, which makes diagnosis more accurate.

So, there you have it, folks, self-preservation is basically done for you. Just try to keep your whits about you following a jellyfish sting and actually remember to call them and you'll be fine. 

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