Monday June 24th, 2024
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Tameem Youness Takes On Arab Superheroes in Raseeni Episode 11

Breaking the Game of Thrones episode per season quota, Tameem Youness is back at it again with the 11th episode of Raseeni, and Mariam Nowar gets the inside scoop.

Staff Writer

Tameem Youness Takes On Arab Superheroes in Raseeni Episode 11

When he’s not out and about being the 5’3 dark comedy genius that he is and living it up all over the city, Tameem Youness often finds time to wrestle and eliminate stereotypes and whatnot…while still remaining a 5’3 dark comedy genius. He’s already tackled vampires, chased around leftovers (you read that right), and spoken to the devil, and after a long wait for a new Raseeni episode that Youness tells us should normally “not take that long in execution, maybe maximum of ten days, but everyone is always too lazy to shoot,” the latest episode of the hit show has finally arrived.

Youness is not one to back out of a request - especially ever since he’s changed his show's intro to one bad acid trip - and with his growing experience about everything in life, he was up for another challenge: how would superheroes act if they were Arab?

First off, Godzilla would definitely find solace in Dubai’s towering skyscrapers so the first Arab superhero would probably emerge from the sparkling city to combat the giant lizard. El Sobky would find even more inspiration behind his cinematic shenanigans - Mr. X MenEsha3et 7ob Foo2 El Banafsegeya, or Deadpool Fi Istanbul, anyone?

Seriously though, when it comes down to actually saving lives, how would the superheroes save the damsels in distress? Of course they wouldn't be able to carry women around because haram...

But we ask Youness what it takes to have our very own question featured on their show, to which he answers, “We only pick weird questions,” and lets us in on the fact that the next episode of Raseeni might “get some people in danger…”

Back to the episode at hand though, find out how El Ragel Al Moganna7Al Barq Al Sa3eq, and Al Nary Al Ente7ary save a drowning man below:

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