Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Tap Into Your Vegan Girl Era With Osana Boutique

Osana Wellness’ new store boasts brands that cater to those who long for endless nights of self-care and aromatic scents.

Farida El Shafie

In line with the global move towards sustainability, Osana Wellness has opened a new store dedicated to the influx of local brands satiating the need for eco-friendly products. A concept-store adjacent endeavor, Osana Boutique was built with the intent of serving as a starting point for those looking to discard their chemical-ridden shelves and embark on a nature-based journey instead. 

“The goal of the boutique is to include everything that I would want and love to have in my own home. A one-stop shop for locally-sourced, eco-friendly products ranging from sportswear made from natural Egyptian cotton to up-cycled bags & laptop sleeves,” Neena Hwaidak, founder of Osana Boutique, tells CairoScene. “It doesn’t stop there because our boutique houses a wide range of products the entire family would appreciate. Gifts for children, maternity clothes, gardening supplies, books for the entire family and even home accessories!” 

Osana Boutique boasts a slew of brands including UpFuse, Paolo Santo, Afro Nature and Black Lotus that cater to those longing for nights brimming with self-care and mornings infused with aromatic scents. Much like their wellness-centric counterparts, the boutique allows you to tap into your vegan girl era without the hassle of fervently googling the myriad of products on offer.