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Teaching 8 Citizens Literacy Now Mandatory for Sohag University Students

In cooperation with the Adult Education Authority, Sohag University makes it mandatory for its non-STEM students to teach at least 8 citizens literacy.


Sohag University President Dr. Ahmed Aziz, alongside Chief Executive Officer of the Adult Education Authority Dr. Ashour Ahmed Amery, have signed a protocol of cooperation to work towards teaching one million residents of Sohag, aged 16 and above, how to read and write.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Dr. Aziz commented that the university is willing to offer different forms of support to the authority to achieve the protocol’s objectives, with the aim of completely eradicating illiteracy in the governorate of Sohag. He also added that it is crucial that Sohag University plays a role in this initiative because of its patriotic goals. He announced that every non-STEM student at Sohag University will be required to teach at least 8 students literacy in order to graduate. These students will be awarded EGP 250 by the Adult Education Authority, as well as EGP 100 by the university. Furthermore, the university will waive their tuition, as well as their dorm fees. Any student who teaches 10 citizens how to read and write will be granted an EGP 3500 reward. This programme applies to third and fourth-year students.

Dr. Amery mentioned that a conference will be organized, hosting Egyptian universities and the Adult Education Authority. The Minister of Higher Education will be in attendance to discuss this programme’s implementation, as well as any issues or complications faced by the universities.