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Teadance to Take the Town by Storm for Their 3rd Anniversary

Teadance will be upping the ante this weekend as they throw one of their signature massive shebangs - except this time its their 3rd anniversary so expect even wilder times than usual and a slew of sensational spinners...

Teadance. the party which for years has epitomised style and glam, is back to celebrate its three year anniversary in the only way they know how; chic and upscale, during a golden autumn afternoon with some superb international superstar DJs providing some of the most fabulous beats circulating in the scene right now.

Keep in mind that this will be the last Teadance of the year, so if partying it up in style in the ByGanz world is something you’ve been missing - and lord knows we have been - this will be your last chance to do so for a while.

Now to get down to business here’s what the Teadance team has in store for you in terms of selectors. DJ Sabb for starters; if you’re a ByGanz regular you surely must recall when DJ Sabb rocked the beach last summer. We had a wild time and an inordinate amount of fun, and apparently the feeling was mutual since the sensational spinner is back for more.

Next on the deck will be someone we’re really excited about. After the hugely successful collab between ByGanz and the Cadenza label when they had the label top honcho over last summer and we all had a blast, this time around they’re bringing one of Cadenza’s very best for his Egyptian debut, Franco Cinelli.

And to wrap things up, a favourite in his hometown of UAE, and in Egypt as well, Raxon is here to put complete this magnificent line up.

From the party-going crowd, to the upscale venue, to the great bookings that each seem to top one another, this is surely a win win to anyone who is willing to dance away the afternoon blues, and for those who aren’t willing, your loss because we know we will be there in our dancing shoes going bonkers and letting loose. Plus it's their anniversary, as they celebrate three years of knocking partying out of the park, so you know it's gonna  be huge... 

For more details check out their Facebook page