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Textual Warfare: Hamas Style

In an unlikely entry to the digital world, Hamas' military wing has been sending out threatening text messages to Israelis...

In an unlikely twist, newly illegal Palestinian group Hamas has embraced texting. The Gaza-based organisation and its military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, sent a series of threatening text messages to Israeli mobile phones in a bid to ramp up their campaign against the Zionist state. The texts which were sent to mobile numbers hacked from an Israeli defense site warned users to leave the country if they wished to stay alive. One read: "A warning to Zionists. Al-Qassam rockets are waiting with you. If you want the life then leave our country [sic]."

Another message added: "Al-qassam promised in revenge, and was the revenge, and the bill is not over yet, and the next one more awful (sic)." Meanwhile, a third text read: "Hamas... in the next war all country Palestine will be returned [sic]."

The messages were also sent to many Israeli government spokespersons, ministers' spokespersons and deputy ministers. However, it is still unclear how many citizens received these messages.

An email sent to e-mail to users by the alleged hackers said: "Israel was founded on the injustice and on the occupation and every entity was founded on the injustice and the occupation is destined the destruction."

What can we say? They've certainly started with a bang.