Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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The 10-Hour Fiesta

With yet another public holiday just around the corner, don't you wish you could spend the whole day off dancing on a boat with some of Egypt's best DJs, and one special guest from Berlin? Of course you do...

Staff Writer

Don't you hate it when you're at a party brimmed to the wall with all your mates, and then pffft! Just like that, they start leaving one by one and then you're stuck going to some terrible after party, followed by the even worse after after after party. Sometimes, five hours of partying just isn't enough! Sometimes, you need ten hours.

Thanks to the 'Fiesta' that is right on the horizon, this Tuesday, aboard the Blue Nile, three of Egypt's finest DJs Baher, Misty and Hafez, along with international dance music connoisseur Ninetoes from Berlin, will be rocking the boat for a full day of debauched madness. Accenting the long day of banging tunes, the organisers are promising a huge line up of entertainment to keep you busy when your feet start aching from dancing and you lose a toe and become a DJ from Berlin: expect stilt walkers, clowns and gorillas dancing about, beach balls, inflatable gimmicks and confetti cannons. Kind of like a circus party that ran away from the circus.

Tickets are 200 LE, lounges are 1000 LE and bouchon is free. For reservations call 01000850005.