Monday June 24th, 2024
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The 8 Best Authentic Eats in Alexandria

Next time you head to the Jewel of the Mediterranean, don't miss out on these delicious spots.

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The 8 Best Authentic Eats in Alexandria

Alexandria, a shining beacon of Om el Donia, is dubbed as the "Jewel of the Mediterranean", and within it, even more jewels are waiting for us to see. All the Iskandaraneya know these low-key restaurants as well as they know their grandmothers. Some Cairenes do too, but no where near enough to do them justice. You yourself may not know of these little authentic eateries scattered across Alexandria, so cancel your weekend plans and book the next train ticket to Raml Station. You won't regret it!

Mohamed Ahmed

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Everyone in Alexandria knows the best breakfast to be had in town is no other than Mohamed Ahmed's ful and ta'amia joint!

Alban Swesra

Image source: Alban Swesra/Facebook

Kibda El Fallah

Image source: Rana/Twitter

Close to the iconic Raml Station, is the most delicious place to eat liver sandwhiches, and, if you're a local, you know it to be the illustrious Kibda El Fallah.


So well known and talked about, the owner decided to call it "This is the Sha'aban fish restaurant that they talk about". Quite the business acumen there! One of the finest seafood restaurants in Alexandria.


Image source: Khaled Ashour/Facebook.

This isn't just one of the best places to get liver sandwiches in Alexandria. It's one of the best in the country. Period.

El Sheikh Wafiq

Image source: El Sheikh Wafiq/Facebook.

Ohhhhh daaaaamn. Forget all those hip trendy dessert places that have been opening all around Cairo. Just head to Alexandria right now and glutton it out with the absolutely decadent desserts at El Sheikh Wafiq. Rice pudding, ice cream, Omm Ali. They've got it all and they've only got the best.

Awlad Abdo

Source: Awlad Abdo's official Facebook page.

Okay. We know. It's the third place that does liver sandwiches, but "Alexandrian" liver isn't called so for no reason. Proclaiming itself to be the "King of the Liver Sandwiches of Alexandria", we certainly don't disagree. All hail the king!

Hoda Gondol

No visit to Alexandria is complete without having an extravagant seafood dinner at Hoda Gondol, and all Alexandrians know that, and you should too. Barbecued, grilled, fried, you have it. Only the best of the Mediterranean is served here.