Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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The Artist Behind ‘Do You Love Me?’ Has Passed Away

The musician passed away at the age of 70.

Staff Writer

The famed Lebanese composer and songwriter, Rene Bendaly, passed away on December 28th at the age of 70 in Tripoli, Lebanon. The musician wrote and composed about 200 songs over his lifetime and rose to fame alongside his family, with whom he formed the 12-member band ‘The Bendaly Family’. It was as part of this group that Rene Bendaly sang ‘Do You Love Me?’ The famous music video for the record was filmed in Kuwait in 1978.

Bendaly was also the father of Remi Bendaly. Born in 1979, Remi began her career as a child star in the 1980s in war-torn Lebanon, with songs such as 'Atona Al Tofoleh' (Give Us Our Childhood, 1984). The artist took to Facebook to say goodbye to her father and said: “Dad answer me, talk to me.” The post references a lyric from a well-known song they had collaborated on during her childhood called ‘Baba.’

The artist leaves behind a legacy of songs on childhood and humanity during a historically difficult time for Lebanon and will sorely be missed. The song ‘Do You Love Me?’ was beloved throughout the Arab world and was subject to numerous remakes and reinterpretations, including an Egyptian sha3bi remix by DJ Figo. Do you remember ‘Do You Love Me?’ Let us know in the comments below.