Thursday December 7th, 2023
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The Axel Fowley Tour

In a bid to keep the summer spirit going long into the winter months, Sahl Hasheeh is bringing the party to Cairo this month, taking Axel Fowley around the city's favourite hot spots.

Staff Writer

You know that friend you have who's a bit of a party animal? The one that doesn't quite no when to stop, but when you are out and it's really boring and this friend comes, he ends up making it really fun? Well, that friend is Sahl Hasheesh. Not satisfied with a summer of beach-side raving every single week they're itching to bring the madness to Cairenes once again this winter. We know what you're thinking: it's far too cold for technicolour Red Sea shenanigans, which is why Sahl Hasheesh are bringing the madness to Cairo with DJ Axel Fowley set to spin across the city this December. No, not Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop but the international dance-floor filler who's had crowds all over the world fist pump to his beats.

The House maestro will be reprising the sexy summer spirit with Sahl Hasheesh with three stops on their tour. First, they'll be heading to superclub, Tamarai on the not-so-unlucky Friday 13th December. Next, Amici Heliopolis gets the Fowely treatment as he hits up the cocktail bar with a mix that'd rival the bar tenders' skills on the 16th. On the 17th, Alchemy gets there go, then Amici Zamalek gets their turn, the very next day.

Find out more about Sahl Hasheesh and the Axel Fowley Tour on their Facebook page here and follow @SahlHasheeshEG on Twitter.