Friday 2 of December, 2022
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The Big Jam

You'll never know what can happen when Egypt's best musicians come together for an unrehearsed performance, but that's the beauty of Cairo Jazz Club's Big Jam night...

Staff Writer

The Big Jam Night at Cairo Jazz Club has been running strong for years now, providing a platform for Egypt’s best instrumentalists to get together and create sophisticated amalgamations and musical chaos. It’s spontaneous, it’s fun and you’re guaranteed to hear something that’ll make your ears perk up with glee. Forget everything you know about Egyptian bands come Tuesday 25th June, when members of tons of bands leave their comforts zones and get together for a massive jam session. You never know what might happen; maybe two of the esteemed artist will stumble upon a certain melody, maybe they’ll get together and record a track, maybe that track will be a massive hit, maybe it will go international and you’ll be hearing it back from the Billboard Top Ten and just maybe, you can say “I was there when they came up with that!” Or it might just be a bunch of noise and two guitarists will have a solo competition and then punch each other out. Either ways, it’s bound to be a big, boisterous and inspiring night for the crowd and the artists involved alike. Here’s the lineup:

Shehab Kasseb – Screwdriver Band

JimiSalalem + Buzzz

Adham RoshdySpunky Dynamite + Wyvern 

Gamal Fahim – Drummer with various acts including Sarah El Gohary and 7Spades

Ezz ShahwanSalalem + Buzzz

Robert – Keys for 7Spades + a lot of commercial pop stars.

Mohamed Safwat – OFFBEAT

Mohamed DiabBluenotes

Ally SalemAndromida

Sherif Galal  - 7Spades and more!

As usual, you can book your spot at Cairo Jazz Club for the Big Jam night on the 25th June via Tazkarty.