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The Car Café Club Crew

The MO4 team went for dinner and drinks at new Giza hot spot, Car Café Club. We were skeptical but found it to be a chilled out kitsch haven for post-work drinks and food...

Car Café Club is only a couple of blocks away from our office yet, being the lazy bums we are, no one in the office had ever been there. That all changed as we organised a little MO4 office after work gathering at our, friendly neighbourhood, car themed, café and club. Let’s be honest here – we were a little wary. What’s with the car theme? Is it a café? Is it a club? There’s a sign outside that says “You know you’re at Car Café Club when your coffee tastes expensive”….

Upon arrival, we were amazed to say the least. The place looks like the love child between a Formula 1 racetrack and a vintage American diner. Black and white chequered flag walls, floors and ceilings, accented by red leather seats, remote controlled cars and racing memorabilia set the tone for what was to be an exciting evening.  

We sat down and looked at the car-shaped menus in front of us. We were surprised. Not only were there loads of options to choose from, but the items were named after cars. What would we be having tonight for dinner? Are we going to have the Mercedes beef or are we going to nibble on some Proton spring rolls? We decided to play a game of food roulette, where everyone orders the plate that matches the car they drive. That didn’t work because none of us owns a super car. “I want the Volvo Stroganoff. Who has a Volvo?” Silence filled the air as we realised we all drive shitty cars.

We finally decided that it was in our best interest to just call the manager and let him feed us with what he thinks 18 hungry social media people should eat. After handing over our appetites to the judgment of the staff (that spoke great English, by the way), a huge tray of ice-cold beers, chilled wine and all sorts of soft drinks awaited us. Drinking and bitching about work always brings the office together. 

Not long after, we were ready to get fueled up on the massive feast that awaited us. We started off with bowls of Caesar and Greek salads along with chicken quesadillas and Buffalo wings. After that came the oversized sambouseks and spicy fajitas. The ever-so-chatty crew was silent because we were all stuffing our faces with food that wasn’t ramen noodles and chips from the kiosk. After finishing all the food, a certain member of the MO4 team (we won’t mention his name…Okay, we will, it was Waleed) start eating the marinara sauce with a spoon. Yes, it was that good.

Stuffed and barely able to breath, we were served another round of drinks the moment we finished. Some were enjoying their shisha while others were just amazed of everything that this place had to offer. We would have stuck around to see what sorts of intriguing events they had going on for the rest of the night, (Wednesdays are Lebanese nights) but we had to go home and sleep the meal off and have black-and-white chequered dreams.  

It is safe to say that we have found our after-office haven in Car Café Club and we will be making more pit stops there soon!

See more photos of our trip to Car Café Club on CairoZoom here.

Keep up to date with all the goings on at Car Café Club, join their Facebook fan page here and follow @CarCafeClubEg on Twitter.